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Snow chains are an emergency accessory that allows the usage of vehicles with ice and snow conditions. It is necessary, therefore, guide the vehicles with the maximum precaution, avoid abrupt refrained and accelerated and not to exceed the 50 km/h.


Before use of the snow chain on the road we suggest to try to mount the snow chain, verify if the dimension of the wheel corresponds with the dimension on the snow chain's box. Control always the booklet "Use and Maintenance" of the vehicle for eventual limitations


Spread the snow chain on the floor and pass the cable behind the wheel


Lift the cable and connect the ends


Connect the ends of the upper side chain


Connect the ends of the lower side chain


Pull the tension chain and fix the end


The snow chain is ready, cover a short way and check the tension of the snow chain


To ensure snow chain long life wash it with warm water after use, let it dry and put it back into the box.



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